Disability Lifts  Why are they so important

We live in a society that is extremely diverse and although there is a growing focus on providing disabled access to public buildings, there is still much room for improvement.

This is where Level Access Lifts can help. We provide a wide range of access lifts to make it easier for everyone, regardless of disability, to get from one level to the next.

Having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a wheelchair or are unable to walk – it can sometimes be less visible. Installing Access Lifts can greatly benefit those who have learning difficulties or limited mobility, as well as those who are suffering from chronic illnesses like lung or heart disease.

Disability lifts or platform lifts (as they are also known) are designed with the needs of disabled passengers in mind. There are countless reasons why you should consider installing platform lifts, including the following:


Here at Level Access Lifts, we provide a wide range of platform lifts that can help individuals with disabilities to access all areas – even those deemed as inaccessible for wheelchair users. One of the main advantages of platform lifts is that they make public environments easier to reach, especially when they are spread out on multiple levels.

Access lifts can also help people with breathing difficulties who are unable to walk far without fighting for breath. Lifts eliminate the need for them to tackle the stairs and allow them to regulate their breathing.

Social integration

When there is limited access, people with disabilities can often feel shunned by society – this shouldn’t be the case. Vertical platform lifts make individuals feel welcome, providing everyone with the same opportunity to integrate and access services.

The disability lifts that we provide make a great addition to any building. Although they are a simple modification to make, they prevent customers having to go through the ordeal of transferring from their wheelchair in order to gain access to various floor levels.


Installing a wheelchair lift, like the inclined stairlift, provides individuals with a sense of independence, allowing people to control the lift for themselves and access varying levels unaided.

Our wheelchair lift is ideal if you’re looking to improve the experience for wheelchair users, enabling them to retain their dignity and regain their independence. It can also remove the need for around the clock care which affords them the opportunity to experience independence and to feel a sense of freedom.


When a disabled person leaves their wheelchair, they are at increased risk of falling and injuring themselves. Installing a disability lift eliminates the need for people to transfer from their wheelchair and negotiate stairs.

Any open platform wheelchair lift from Level Access Lifts will offer safe transportation for passengers. When installed into the correct environment they are guaranteed to reduce the risk of trips and falls, providing a more convenient way to transport from A to B.

Contact us to find out more about the importance of disability lifts – we will be more than happy to help you to find out exactly what you need to know.

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